Meet the trainers from Booty Time Haarlem!

Veerle Kochheim

Hi, I’m Veerle Kochheim

I have had a passion for sports since I was a little girl. I used to do top sport gymnastics. And besides that you could also find me on the tennis court. And as well as tennis I also have a passion for dancing, but not only that, the football field is not skipped either. Here you can still see me flying past 3 times a week.

Also I started working out in the gym since I was 16. I really like the atmosphere there, so I couldn’t stay with just exercising myself. I have been working at the gym for 2 years now, where I also give lessons.

But this wasn’t enough for me, I like entrepreneurship & organizing, so when Yanika and I were drinking a nice glass of wine last summer, drinking wine turned into setting up a business plan, which makes us proud owners & trainers of Booty Time

Yanika Einholz

Hi, I’m Yanika Einholz

You’ll recognize me by my over enthusiasm about (almost) everything and happy face all day long. I’m an allrounder when it comes to sports, I love everything. As a young kid I practiced a lot of sports; athletics, iceskating, field hockey, sailing and many more. I started going to the gym when I was 14, ever since I love it. I’m already a fitness trainer for 5 years now. Before that I taught children hockey and athletics. Anyways I enjoy teaching a lot since I was younger. My specialty is giving you that bigger and stronger booty that you have in mind. Therefore I started Booty Time with Veerle our other amazing trainer. With a lot of knowledge about training your booty, I’m really looking forward to meeting you all and giving you the perfect booty that fits you.

General Terms and Conditions

  • We operate a 12-hour rule. If you cancel within 12 hours of the start of class we will charge you for this class.
  • During class, we take videos and photos that we post on our social media pages. We keep in mind that the images are appropriate and will not do anything else with them.
  • If items are stolen before, during or after class. This is your own responsibility and we will not be liable for it.
  • If you sustain any injuries this will be your own responsibility. Of course, we take into account that this will not happen and adjust the classes in such a way that this cannot happen easily.
  • Class packs are valid for 4 months.